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Aace : The word aace in America means Unity, it also implies to luck and excellence
Aarin: Central
Abaeze : Branch of the kings
Abarta: A female child that was born after her siblings had all died
Abayomi: the baby girl that brings joy
Abayomrunkoje : God won't allow humiliation.
Abebi: We asked for a girl child.
Abegunde : One born during the holiday.
Abeke : I bring joy
Abeo : The bringer of happiness .
Abeque : A person who loves to stay at home
Abidugun : One born before the war.
Abigail : Father in rejoicing
Abike : Give birth to the child and care for the child
Abiodun : One born at the time of festival.
Abiola : wealth has been born.
Abiose : Born into the first day of the week (Sunday)
Abosede : Born into a new week
Abriella : One who is derived from God or the pillar of strength
Abubakar : Father of a young camel.
Aby : Father of multitude or masses
Acalan : A small narrow and long rowing boat
Acamapichtli : A handful of reeds or long grass
Achojah : Rise up to challenge
Ada-afo : the girl born on the third day
Adaego : Daughter of wealth
Adaeze : Princess, daughter of the king.
Adaku : Central
Adaline : A noble or kind-hearted person
Adamu  : related to Adam the first man
Adankwo : One born on fourth day.
Adaobi : The first daughter in the family compound.
Adaolisa : God's daughter.
Adaoma : A good and virtuous lady.
Adaora : Daughter of all
Adaugo : Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.
Adaure : Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.
Addisyn : The son of Addie or Adam
Adebamgbe : A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me.
Adebimpe : The crown gave birthed to me completely
Adebiyi : The royal one.
Adebowale : Return of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waiting
Adebukola :  Royalty added to the wealth
Adedayo : The crown has turned to joy.
Adefolake : The crown pampers with the wealth
Adefoluke : The crown pampers with God
Adejoke : The crown will pamper us together
Adejumoke : The crown unites to pamper
Adenike : The crown has the care
Aderiyike : The pampered crown.
Aderonke : The crown has something to pamper
Adesewa : The crown bring forth beauty
Adetutu : The crown is calm/soothing
Adewonuola : The crown has entered into wealth
Adica : The mother's choice
Aerilyn : The beautiful or pleasant air
Afamefuna : My name will not be lost.
Agbarha : Born in Agbarha
Ahmed  : the praised one.
Ahunna : One with the body of her father.
Ahwinahwi : A really black or dark individual
Aiden : Little fire.
Aisha : she who lives prosperously.
A'isha : living, prosperous
Aiyanna : Eternal blossom, Everlasting Bloom
Aj : Combination of Letters A and J; powerful and complete
Ajaka : God is praised.
Ajarae : A made up name, name of an actor
Akachukwu : The hand of God.
Akanni : the first one
Akarachi : divine or God-given destiny.
Akin : Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew - Man
Akoni : the brave warrior.
Akpenvwoghene : Praise God
Akpobome : My own life
Akpofure : Life is now peaceful
Akporovwovwo : Good life in later years
Akuada : A girl born into a wealthy family.
Akunna : Father's wealth.
Akuziem : God has taught me a lesson.
Alivia : Alivia is Olive Tree
Aliyu  : the high or exalted.
Allston : Noble One's Settlement
Almanzo : The explanation given by Laura Ingalls Wilder for her husband, Almanzo's, name is that it was derived from an Arabian benefactor to his ancestors by the name of Al-Mansour, meaning 'the victorious'. An alternative derivation is of Old German origin, meani
Alpha : An excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualities
Alvin : A noble companion and friend loved by all having a independent, resourceful and practical attitude
Alyson : Adaptable, adventurous being who are noble and honest seeking freedom
Amadia : the spirit of lightning
Amaechi : Who knows tomorrow?
Amandi : Trust no one, one who doesn't trust anyone easily.
Amara  : everlasting.
Amberleigh : The one who is immortal and has a friendly, poised and affectionate nature
Ameera : A leader, a princess by birth who is prosperous and at the top of a tree
Amelia : The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile
Amelie : A mighty hard working defender
Amina : peace.
Aminah : meaning someone who is honest and faithful
Aminu  : translates to trustworthy.
Amobi : Who knows the heart of man?
Anaborhi : The one who is born with good destiny
Angelos : They are charming angels of God sent from heaven
Annis : The holy one who is pure
Annissa : A true compannion who is pure and charming
Anozie : We are now settled or well positioned.
Anson : The son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearer
Antoinette : Queen of France; beautiful flower
Anwilichukwu : God' s joy.
Anwuli : Joy, a joyous and happy girl.
Anwulichukwu : Joy of the lord.
Anwulika : My joy is great or joy is greater.
Apunanwu : A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.
Aretta : A charming and enchanting woman.
Aria : The one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody
Arinzechukwu : Thanks be to God.
Armando : Great warrior and a happy army man
Arnold : Strong like an eagle
Aruegodore : We have come home
Arvin : Friend to all; a friend of the Eagle
Asaroyoma : Comfort zones
Asma'u : the elevated one or the supreme one
Astghik : American name derived from astgh which means a little star
Ataikiru : Talk or plan before taking action
Auner : An adventurous; they are sophisticated beings
Auria : Soft wind; aura of positivity
Auriar : Cold and gentle breeze filled with music
Austen : One who has a great and magnificient personality
Ava : A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem
Avabelle : One who has a beautiful live; breathing in life
Averi : A strong-witted individual who is ambitious
Avwunudiogba : Those who profess strength with mere talk
Aydan : One who is born out of fire; impusive
Ayden : Determined; one who is bron out of fire
Ayomide : my joy has arrived.
Azi : Youth
Azubuike : Strength gained from experiences of the past.
Bailei : A warrant officer of a judge
Bako : A Nigerian term meaning guest.
Banjoko : Don't ever leave me.
Banner : A colonial origin, Banner meaning 'Flag'
Banning : Small and Fair; One who Reads the Banns; Blond Child; Small Fair One or Son of the Fair One
Barbi : Traveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; Foreign
Barbie : Derived From Barbara; traveler from a foreign land
Bard : Poet; Minstrel; A Singer-poet; One who Sings Ballads
Bardalph : Ax Wolf
Bardan : Lives Near the Boar's Den; From the
Barden : Lives Near the Boar's Den; Boar's Den
Bardene : From the Boar Valley
Bardo : Variant of Bartholomew; Son of the Earth
Bardolf : Axe-wolf
Bardolph : Axe-wolf
Bardon : Minstrel; Singer-poet; Barley Valley
Barlow : Lives on the Bare Hill; Place Name; The Bare Hillside
Barnet : Of Honorable Birth; From the Land That was Burned
Barnett : Leader; From the Land That was Burned; Noble Man
Barnum : From the Nobleman's Home
Barret : Brave as a Bear; Variant of Barnett; Bear-strength
Barric : Grain Farm
Barrick : Grain Farm,A barley farm
Barrie : Lives at the Barrier; Fair-haired; From the Land That was Burned; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strength
Barron : Warrior; The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name; From the Land That was Burned
Bartel : From the Barley Farm; Farmer's Son; Son of Talmai
Barthram : Illustrious; Glorious Raven
Bartleah : From Bart's Meadow
Bartleigh : From Bart's Meadow
Bartley : From the Birch Tree Meadows; Son of Talmai; Son of the One who Abounds in Furrows
Bartram : Glorious Raven; Bright Raven
Barwolf : Ax Wolf
Bates : Variant of Bartholomew
Bea : Blessed, holly
Beacher : Lives by the Beech Tree
Beachy : Diminutive of Beacher
Beal : Attractive, good looking, beautiful
Beale : Handsome, attractive, fine looking
Beall : Good-looking, beautiful
Beaman : Beekeeper, From a beautiful hill
Beamer : Trumpet Player
Beceere : Lives by the Beech Tree
Becki : Bound; Captivating; Abbreviation of Rebecca
Beckie : Captivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; Joined
Bede : Prayer; Name of a Historian
Beecher : Lives by the Beech Tree; Place Name
Begona : Lady of Begona
Bek : Brook
Beldan : Lives in the Beautiful Glen
Beldane : Lives in the Beautiful Valley
Beldene : Lives in the Most Beautiful Valley
Beldon : Lives in the Beautiful Glen; Child of the Unspoiled Glen; Place Name; Pretty Valley
Belen : Bethlehem; An Arrow
Benjamin : Son Of The Right Hand
Bernardine : Bear-hard; Brave as a Bear; Female Version of Bernard; From an Old German Compound
Berneice : She who Brings Victory
Berta : Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious
Bertilda : Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior
Bertilde : Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior Maiden
Bertrade : Bright Counselor
Bessy : God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; House; God's Promise
Betsey : God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; God's Promise
Bette : Consecrated To God
Bettye : God's Oath; Form of Elizabeth
Bev : Beaver-stream
Beverlee : From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream
Beverley : From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream
Beyonce : Beyond Others
Biana : Fair Skinned
Bienna : Good
Billye : Resolute Protector
Binyelum : Stay with me.
Birdena : Bird like
Birdie : Little Bird; Unusual Nature; Bright
Birdine : Little Bird
Birdy : Birdlike; Bright
Blanch : Fair; White; Pale
Blayne : Slender; Thin; Variant of Blaine
Blayze : Phonetic spelling variant of Blaise.
Blaze : A Flame
Blessing : Consecration
Blissany : Full of Grace and Joy
Blisse : Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness
Blondell : Blond; Fair-haired; Little Pale One
Blondene : Fair-haired; Variation of the Spanish Blandina; Flattering
Blossom : Flower-Like
Bly : To Be A Tall Child
Blyss : Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness
Blysse : Delight; Joy; Happiness
Bobby : Short For Robert
Bobbye : Bright Fame
Bolanile : The wealth of this house.
Boston : A place name, one who got the name after Boston, a city in Massachusetts USA
Bostyn : One who is name after the city of Boston, Massachusetts
Braelyn : A beautiful, attractive hill
Braelynn : A wide, broad and large hill
Branddun : One who hails from the beacon hill
Brandelyn : Derived from brandy, an alcoholic drink
Brasen : The gift of God; God's gift
Brayan : noble and virtuous
Braychan : One who lives on the hillside
Braylee : A wide and broad hillside
Braylen : From a broad or wide hillside
Braylene : Residing on a broad hillside
Brayley : Residing on a broad and wide hillside
Breneon : A mountain peak; the peak of a mountain
Brennen : One who is brave and unafraid
Brent : A place located at a height
Brentin : The peak or top of a hill or a mountain top
Brenton : A hilltop or the top of a mountain
Brianna : A strong ascending woman
Briannah : She is strong and noble
Brileigh : A made up name from Brianna and Riley. Means A strong and a brave person
Bronx : A place name. A land that belongs to Bronck.
Bryanna : A strong woman who only goes up
Bryanne : She is a strong and ascending woman
Bryant : He who ascends to hights
Brylie : A brave boomerang
Bubba : A family member, a Borther
Buddie : A nickname meaning buddy
Buddy : A nickname, a borther, a buddy
Bunkechukwu : The one who belongs to God.
Buster : A modern nickname with no meaning to it, used by Buster Keaton
Buzz : One who lives in the village in the woods
Cache : A place where things are stored
Caden : An invented name with no meaning
Caeden : A modern made up name
Caeli : She who is crowned with the laurel crown
Caemlyn : A woman from the skies
Cailynn : She is very pure
California : An US state name
Callison : The most beautiful and noble. Combination of names Calli and Alison
Calwa : A place name in California
Camber : A modern invented name
Cambree : A woman who comes from Wales
Camisha : Combination of Camila and Alisha
Carmindy : An American name for girls
Carroll : A mainly champion, a man
Cayden : He is a fighter and a warrior
Cayse : A good prophet nam treba
Ceslee : A practical person
Chad : A saint; they protect and are defender
Chancy : A risk taker
Chapelle : The one who lived by a Church
Chaperel : Dry land covered with bushes
Charsian : A Christian free individual
Chasen : A born huntsman
Chatania : Consciousness; state of good feeling
Chauncey : The one who gambles; a chancellor
Chaz : Variant of Charles; free man
Che : God will multiply
Chesten : A camp
Chetachi : One who always remembers God.
Chetachukwu : One who always remembers God.
Chiagozie : God has blessed me.
Chiamaka  : God is beautiful or God is great.
Chiasoka : God is too sweet.
Chiazokam : God has saved me well.
Chibarameze : God has made me a king.
Chibinobim : God dwells in my heart.
Chibuike : God is strength.
Chibundo : God is my shelter
Chibundu : God is life
Chibunna : God is my father
Chibuogu : God is my strength.
Chibuzhor : God comes first.
Chibuzor : God first or God leads
Chichima : A sweet and precious girl.
Chidiadi : There is God
Chidiebere : God is merciful
Chidiebube : God is glorious and great.
Chidiogo : God is gracious
Chidozie : May God fix it and make it good for me.
Chidumebi : God lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life
Chiechezonam : Don't forget me lord
Chiekezie : God has made it good for me.
Chielotem : God has remembered me
Chiemeka : God has done well.
Chiemelie : God has won.
Chiemezie : God has made it good for me.
Chigemezu : God will complete or perfect all things
Chigozie : Bless me oh lord
Chikaima : It’s only God we know
Chikairanyelu : We’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands
Chikamdabere : I'm leaning on God
Chikamharida : May I not fail, lord
Chikamnele : It's God we are looking up to/ I'm looking up to God
Chikanele : Looking up to God
Chikanene : It's God we are looking up to/ I'm looking up to God
Chikanma : God is better than any other thing.
Chikanyima : It’s only God we know
Chikaodili : It’s all up to God
Chikasirimobi : God consoled me
Chikenyelum : God gave me my portion
Chikezie : May God appease.
Chikwudolum : My God stood for me
Chilli : Cold place
Chilotem : Remember me oh lord
Chimamanda : My God will not fail
Chimankpa : God know my wants.
Chimaobi : God knows the heart.
Chimasoka : My God is too sweet
Chimbusomma : My God is so beautiful
Chimdi : My God is a living God/ is alive
Chimdiomimi : My God is mysterious
Chimdire : My God is omnipotent
Chimedaramobi : God consoled me/comforted me
Chimeluogo : God granted me a favour
Chimeremeze : God called/ made me a king
Chimeremma : God has done something good
Chimeremoñu : God made me happy/ joyous
Chimereya : God did it!
Chimezie : Let God do it.
Chinaka : God decides or God schedules.
Chinara : Received by God
Chinecherem : God thinks and worries on my behalf.
Chinechezirim : God thinks good of me.
Chinyere : God gave.
Chinyere  : God gave.
Chioma  : good God or someone who is lucky
Chisimdi : God says I shall live.
Chisom  : God goes with me.
Choncey : Fortune; a gamble; variant of Chauncey
Chord : A group of notes or strings sounded together
Chrisopher : Bearer of Lord Jesus, the son of God
Christan : One who is a Christianity by religion and believes that Jesus is the son of God
Chuk : The Supreme divine; the one beyond everything
Chukwudumaga : God leads me.
Chukwuemerie : God has won.
Chukwuma : God knows, God knows better than anyone.
Chuwudubem : Lead me, oh God.
Cimarron : One who is wild and free-spirited; one who cannot be controlled or tamed by anyone
Cinwell : One who lives in his king's good books; one who always makes his king happy
Claiborn : A stream flowing by a claybed; one who hails from the claybrook
Clauda : A bad, deplorable voice, that expresses grief
Claudas : Derived from the name of a famous king
Cleeve : A short term for Cleveland; a city in the U.S
Cody : One who helps others in need; helpful; also means cushion in American
Cole : The victory or rejoice of the people; winning in a competition
Colin : The triumph or victory of the people against the enemy
Collin : A child; a little more than a baby; a small Boy,girl
Colvert : Seaman, one who is fond of seas and lives near it
Corbin : A black bird resembling crow; Raven
Corey : A boiling, frothing, foaming pool
Cortel : An alliance of enterprices
Crue : A certain group of people
Cullen : Handsome boy
Daberechi : Lean on God, one who is dependent on God.
Dakan : Exalted one
Daluchi : Thank God.
Damarion : The one who is of the sea
Dandre : A strong man
Danjuma : son of Friday
Daraja : One who is valuable and important to everyone.
Darold : An army ruler
Darrick : Strong one
Darrien : Soothing poem
Daryle : The one who is open
Daveigh : One who is much loved
Davin : A precious being
Daylin : A beautiful and productive day
Dayo : Arrival of joy
Dayshaun : God's gift for the normal people
Debare : One born during good times.
Dedrik : One who is a gifted and the most powerful ruler
Deeg : Black-haired person; top ranking officer
Dehateh : A wealthy and intelligent person
Deiondre : A valley which is filled with flowers
Dejon : A gracious being; pleasing and charming
Dejuan : A gracious and all-loving God
Dekedrian : Happy-go-lucky individual; created name
Diarachukwundu : Live for God
Durojaiye : One who waits for the joy of life.
Ebhaleleme : A term meaning "you won't follow my lead"
Ebubechukwu : The glory and greatness of God.
Ebunoluwa : The God's gift
Echezonanna : Don't forget your God and your father.
Edaferierhi : The rich have good destiny
Edafetanure : The wealthy have spoken
Edemirukaye : The day I did them a favor
Edewor : Sacred day of worship in traditional religion
Edosio : Rainy day
Efemena : Here is my wealth
Efemuaye : Those intoxicated with riches
Efetobo : Wealth is achieved
Efetobore : Wealth has now been achieved
Egbo : Forest
Egharevba : One who is not bothered of enemies.
Eghwrudjakpor : I have come to stay
Eguono : Love
Ejaife : Let them be rich
Ejaita : Let them say
Ejikeme : It's not by power.
Ejiroghene : Praise God
Ejokparoghene : Let's trust in God
Ejomafuvwe : Let peace reign in my life
Ejoyovwi : Let it be good
Ekemma : One who was born on Eke market day.
Ekenedilichukwu : Thanks be to God
Ekoche : My own
Ekondu : Belongs to God
Ekong : War or battle.
Ekowo : God's time
Elakeche : World's mystery
Elijah : Name of a very famous King and a Prophet
Elochukwu : God's will
Ema : Peace
Emarejedje : The elderly also run for life
Emeka : God has done so much.
Emenike : It's not by might or power.
Emerho : A special type of catfish
Emetemedia : I will always remain a lady
Emeterhire : Girls have arrived
Emetitiri : Mine is famous
Emiene : God's plan
Emilohi : Only God is great.
Emma : the meaning of this name is universal whole.
Emmanuel : A word used for the Messiah in the old testament which also means god is with us.
Emmanuel  : God is with us.
Emudiaga : Let's stand firmly
Emuobosa : Your own thing is precious
Emuvoke : Everything has time
Enajemete : These are also girls
Enakpodia : The way life should to be
Enayi : Mother of Children
Ene : Mother
Eneh : Mother
Enekole : Mother of the family
Enewa : Mother of multitude
Enitekiru : Think before you act
Enivwenaye : Compare my success with those of my enemies
Enoche : King's Mother
Enofe : One who is rich.
Enohor : Blessing
Enyanwu : Sun goddess
Enyinnaya : His father's friend.
Epkereamaka : One who finds prayer is good and wonderful.
Ereadura : the reward of the prayers from God
Erhiaganoma : Guardian spirit overpowers the body
Erhimeyoma : My guardian spirit (God) is good
Erhinyoja : God hears our prayers
Erhinyuse : God answers our prayers
Erhiroghene : The spirit of God
Erhue : A special breed of cow used for traditional ceremonies
Erhuvwun : Beauty
Erukainure : We have helped them
Eseoghene : God's gift
Eserovwe : God's grace
Esomchi : Walking with the lord or one who follows God
Esther : Sweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of Persia
Esther  : the girl who is a star.
Etaidaferua : Words of the wealthy are more acceptable
Etanomare : Freed from blame or despair
Etaredafe : Words of the wealthy
Ewatomi : beauty is sufficient.
Ewelike : It's not by power
Eyitayo : the sufficient cause for great joy
Ezesinachi : The chief is from God.
Ezeudo : King of peace.
Eziamaka : One who believes that good things are obtained by going out.
Ezichi : Good God!
Ezinne : The good mother.
Fa'idah : benefit, advantage
Fa'iqah : surpassing, excellent
Fa'izah : someone who is vicrious or successful
Fatima : she who abstains from forbidden things.
Folade : The honor arrives.
Folashade : Honor bestows a crown.
Gabriel : God is my strength
Ganiru : Good luck
Garba  : a type of dance in India
Gimbiya : meaning princess.
Ginika : What can be greater than God?
Ginikanwa : What is greater than a child?
Golibe : Rejoice, a joyous fellow.
Gosifechukwu : Show the light of God to all.
Grace  : connected to divine grace
Grayson : They love truth and desire to understand and analyze the world.They are very broadminded and hardworking.
Gwamma : Better one than never
Habibah : the beloved one.
Hadiza  : always first.
Hajara  : from sunlight but also refers to the pilgrimage to Mecca
Halimah : someone who is gentle and generous
Hamidah : appreciative
Hanyechukwu : Leave it for God.
Hassan  : be translated to handsome, good, or the benefactor.
Hassana : Twin Girl (Nigerian)
Hauwa  : happy girl or the unique baby.
Hwara : a girl with a nice complexion
Ibironke : The family will love this child.
Ibrahim : father of the nation.
Idaramfon : Happiness is free.
Idogbe : The second child born after twins.
Ifeanyichukwu : God is most powerful or no one is greater than God.
Ifechi : The light of God.
Ifechiluru : What God has done.
Ifechukwu : The light of God.
Ifechukwude : What God has written.
Ifedimma : Something good
Ifekristi : The light of Christ.
Ifemyolunna : What I asked of the lord.
Ifeoluwapo : God's love is plenty.
Ifeyinwa : Nothing can be compared to a child.
Ifunanya : Love
Igbe : My share or Mine
Igberaharha : The poor take the blame
Ighomuedafe : Money intoxicates the wealthy
Ighovavwerhe : There is joy in riches
Igitioluwotilaiye : The tree of God is rooted and strong.
Igwebuike : Strength in numbers.
Igweye : The people felt joyous about something
Iheanacho : Precious or what everyone seeks.
Ihotu : Love
Ihotukum : My love
Ihuoma : One who is favored.
Ihuomachukwu : God's favor.
Ijeawele : A smooth journey.
Ijemma : A good journey.
Ijeoma : A good journey in life.
Ijewoda : Money brings pride
Ikechukwu : The power of God.
Ikemba : Strength of the nation.
Ikenna : the power of the father
Ikponmwosa : Thank God, one who is thankful to God for everything.
Ikwulonu : Death hurts
Ileara : A healthy child.
Ilozumba : Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.
Iman : faith, belief
Imbiana : Title of a unity song in Nigeria.
Imeka : an abbreviation of God has done so much.
Inegbedion : Nigerian term meaning family supports me.
Iretomiwa : Blessing has come to me, a girl who has brought blessings to her family.
Irikefe : First to become wealthy
Isaac : He will laugh, he will rejoice
Isabella : God is perfection, or God is my oath
IsamotuOlalekan : Without God I'm destitute.
Isinachi : One who is sent from God.
Isioma : One who is fortunate and blessed.
Isoken : One who is contented with her destiny.
Iyawa : Ability or skill. A skillful woman.
Iyowoichofe : God has a greater plan
Jachike : Give praise to God or Hail God.
Jackson : Son of Jack (God is gracious)
Jaiden : God has heard him
Jaimarie : One who is sour victor
Jaiyesimi : One who believes in enjoying the life.
Jajuan : A God-loving person
Jakey : To seize by the heel
Jam : A sweet condiment
Jamaar : The handsome one
Jamareon : One who has strong will
Jamari : A good looking man
Jamaun : The right hand of favor
James  : English means supplanter.
Jamilah : beautiful, elegant, graceful
Janison : Jane's son
Jasiah : American Boy name
Javes : American created name
Jawan : God is gracious
Jaxton : American created name
Jayamma : Praise to the lord.
Jaycie : One who can caught an attention
Jaycob : Holder of heel; a supplanter
Jaydon : One who is thankful to god, god has heard, form
Jayla : Happy
Jaylan : Referring to a kind of fowl, Jay bird.
Jayleen : Calm
Jaylen : The one who can heal the sicknesses.
Jaylene : Jaybird
Jaylin : Pretty blue color jay bird.
Jaylynn : Jaybird
Jayvon : Man from greece, in the bible noah
Jaz : Sweet smell of flowers.
Jazz : Refers to various kinds of Music.
Jecori : Cheerful and high spirited.
Jedi : Its a made name or created name for come reasons.
Jelia : A beautiful gem or radiant
Jeliana : Youthful or young girl
Jelina : Nice looking or good looking woman
Jemma : A form of Gema
Jenis : Genesis is the beginning jensine, God is gracious
Jenivee : A nickname for Jennifer, fair one
Jenji : The short name for Jennifer
Jennica : The girl who is always reasonable in her activities.
Jennis : The graciousness of God, God is gracious
Jennlika : This is an reformed name.
Jera : The female form of Gerald (ruler of the spear) or Gerard (spear brave).
Jerard : Refers to honourable and the one who can handle a spear very well.
Jerel : A form similar to gerald
Jeren : Spear rule, a holy name
Jerica : Form germany
Jero : One who is much cheerful or delighted
Jerric : City of fragrance
Jerrica : A City in Palestine
Jerricho : A City in Palestine near the West Bank.
Jerryl : Open-minded person; Jerold and darell combination
Jervis : A form of Jarvis
Jery : A person who is a spear ruler
Jevan : Son of japheth, the son of noah in the old testament
Jevon : A spirited man
Jevonte : Son of japtheh
Jhett : A wild spirit
Jideofor : Nigerian term meaning, you are justified.
Jimbo : colorful and overexcited persons who are dynamic and are aspire by freedom. They have good observation skills and are intelligent. Posess the loving personality.
Jimmy : people with this name are cautious in every step and experience of their life. They have good control on themselves. It means Supplanter
Jinia : the name means Maiden. People with this name are calm, patient,strong and have great tolerance. They are intelligent and clever in nature.
Jodell : Combination of Joanne and Delbert,climbing evergreen ornamental plant.
Jodelle : The lord is gracious,God,salvation,means last name,reliable,honest.
Johannah : God is Gentle ,kind patient ,merciful and Gracious
John  : translates to God is gracious.
Johnn : Feminine form of John,one who is competent
Jol : Great lover of art and culture
Jon : it means God is Gracious. They are generous and love to help people. noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family .
Jonah : it means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.
Jonathan : it means gift of God. They are agreeable. Treasure , natural and loving persons. They spread the harmony and are simple.
Jonathon : in the bible the name of son of King who was famous and known for courage and manly behaviour. Such persons are generous and unselfish. Soft spoken and kind hearted person who easily forgive others even at fault.
Jonay : it means God is Gracious. They are generous and love to help people. noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family .
Jonbenet : such people love to spend time with their friends and have the jolly side. The name is very pleasant which means blossom and exotic personality.
Jone : people with this name are joyful and haven refreshing sort of personality. They love to travel and are sensitive in nature. They are attractive and have elegant appearance.
Jonesy : people with this name are jubilant and are youthful. They focus on their physical appearance and easily forgive others.
Joseph  : derived from the Hebrew term Yosef.
Joy : it means to rejoice. Such people have a fun side and yearn for their innermost desires. They are hardworking and can do almost anything to achieve their goals.
Joy  : happiness or being joyful
Joyce : the word means rejoicing. People with this name have prominent part in their career and have capability to make others happy.
Joyceanne : it means cheerful or joyful. People with this name are charmful, youthful and natural in personality.they are truthful and easily captivate others.
Joycelyn : people with this name are filled with energy and noble. They easily adapt the changes and bring joy.
Joycelynn : the name means cheerful or merry. They are flexible in nature and easily adapt new changes in life. They enjoy their life and love everlast.
Joye : it means cheerful and joy. They keep you and others happy. You will surly enjoy their company.
Joyse : these people are sweetheart and have outlook personality. They live their life in the best possible way.
Joyzelle : they are a bit introvert in nature but live their life very well. they have the fun side and do the little things to enjoy every moment.
Jozette : God will add blessings. They treasure their friendship and express their feelings. Joyful in nature.
Jozlyn : they are practical and aterialistic person. They develop talent and happiness. They have feelings for people and emotionally attached with people.
Juliana : it means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant.
Juliann : it means young and youthful. They have a spark and ignite the light in every event and occasion. They are lively and filled with energy.
Juliea : such people love to do little things in life and have importance of every little thing. They spread the harmony.
Julieann : people with this name are full of ideas. They prove to be great in personality and noble in nature.
Julieanne : people with this name are loyal, honest and kind. They are noble and have urge to live long life with peace.
Juliek : people with this name have childlike behaviour and are very sweet and cute in nature, they learn the lessons from their life.
Julienne : they are noble, kind, generous and soft spoken persons. They love truly and prove to be very useful for other people.
Juliette : such people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends. They keep on trying to achieve their aim and life goal. They treasure their relations.
Juwon  : “God is gracious ”
Jyler : Jyler menas Son of John, Yohwe is Gracious
Kabiru  : the gift of God.
Kachisicho : God's desire
Kachiside : As God has written it or the will of God.
Kadada : A daughter born of related Couples
Kaden : Kaden means Fighter
Kaetochukwu : May God be praised.
Kainyechukwuekene : Let's praise the Lord.
Kairaluchukwu : Let's leave it to God.
Kaisoluchukwu : Let's follow God.
Kalel : Kalel is an invented "Kryphtonian" name and means The Voice of God
Kambili : Let me live or I shall live.
Kamdilichukwu : Let me live for God.
Kameryn : The name means Crooked Nose
Kamfeechi : Let me worship God.
Kamfeechukwu : Let's worship God or let me praise God
Kamharida : I shall not fall.
Kamsiyonna : God has granted my request.
Kamtochukwu : Let me praise God.
Kanayochukwu : Let's keep begging from the lord.
Kando : First daughter born in a family of three or four male children
Kanyinulia : Let's rejoice and have fun.
Kaodinakachi : Leave your destiny to God.
Karaluchukwu : Let's leave it for God.
Kasarachukwu : Tell it to God, one who always confides in God.
Kash : To have money
Kasiemobi : Comfort me or console me.
Katet : Katet means A Group Joined By Destiny
Kayce : Kayce name comes from the initials K.C.
Kaycee : Kaycee is a phonetic form of the initials K.C.
Kaylor : Kaylor is a created American name, means To Cut
Kayson : Kayson means Healer
Kebe : Strong man with no fear
Kehinde  : the second-born of the twins.
Keladry : Kalendry is a modern American name
Kelechi : Glorify God.
Kelin : Kelin means Slender Boy
Kenadia : Kenadia means Chief
Kenny : Kenny means Beautiful, Handome, Fair
Kentavious : The name is a created American name, originats from the Welsh word White
Kentoroabasi : I am glorifying God.
Kenyon : Kenyon means Blonde, White haired
Kerttu : Kert means Simple Pleasure
Kesandu : One who spreads life to all.
Keshav : The name means God is Gracious
Kesley : Kesler means Independandt and Energetic
Kevan : Kevan means He is a Gentle Child
Kevani : Kevani means A Gentle Child
Keven : Keven means Beautiful Child
Kingsley : Kingsley name means King's Wood
Kosarachi : Tell it to God.
Kristibueze : Christ is the king.
Kubra : great, senior
Kufreabasi : Do not forget God, one who always remembers God.
Kuluwa : A daughter who is most love in a family and many others
Kwento : One who protects the family name from destruction
Kyawo : Beautiful
Latifah : kind, gentle, refined
Layla : Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia
Lebechi : Look unto God.
Liam : A worrior of strong will
Lotachukwu : Remember God
Lotanna : Remember the father or the God
Lubabah : the innermost essence
Lucas : One who gives light
Machie : Replacement of a lost gem.
Maduenu : A term meaning The impermanence of life.
Maduka : People are worth more than riches.
Maimuna : fortunate, blessed
Makuachukwu : Embrace God.
Mary : Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Marilyn; As Mary;
Mary  : is derived from Maryam
Maryam  : “drop of the sea” or the “star of the sea ”
Mason : A person who works as a stoneworker
Mfoniso : Nigerian term, meaning good luck.
Mia : The person who is dearly to everyone.
Michael : One of the seven archangels of the God
Miriodere : I now have a name
Mitaire : I have achieved their match
Mkpulunma : A thing of beauty.
Mmasichukwu : The will of God.
Mobo : Freedom
Modupeore : Thank you God for this gift.
Mofoluwakemi : Given for the Lord's blessing.
Mohammed : the name of the prophet
Mongo : A famous man.
Monjolaoluwa : Enjoying the wealth of God.
Morenikeji : This child resembles me.
Munachimso : One who always agrees with God.
Musa : is another name for Moses
Nagodeallah : I thank God.
Naija : The one from the Niger river
Nasha : In Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge
Nataani : A leader, one who leads from the front
Natalee : The one has the same birthday of Christ.
Nataly : Christmas child.
Natane : Its a baby girl.
Natashaly : Delivered to this world on Christmas day.
Nateira : Graceful, generous, natural
Nathaly : On the 25th of December.
Natosha : Refers the day of entrance to this world.
Nayati : A wrestler, one who wrestle
Nchedochukwu : God's protection.
Nchekwube : Trust in God.
Ndidi : One who is patient.
Ndulue : Nigerian term meaning hope this one makes it.
Nebraska : Water which is staying in one place.
Neola : Fresh or starter or original.
Neomonni : The group of suspended water droplets.
Netis : The one who is reliable and dependable.
Neugeanie : The newcomer to the family or freshly delivered.
Neveah : Abide of God and the Angels.
Newat : The person who is excellent in handling with left hand.
Ngozi  : the blessed one.
Ngozichukwuka : God's blessings are best.
Niabi : A color or pigment varying around a light grey brown color.
Nikkol : The spirit of victory on behalf of nation.
Nirval : Fresh greenly pasture.
Nirved : Came to this world in the month of November.
Nituna : A daughter, Dearest daughter
Niyilolawa : The wealth is here.
Nizhoni : A beautiful girl, full of grace
Nmakani : Too much Surprise
Nneka : My mother is the best in the world.
Nnenne : Resembles mother's mother.
Noah : Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
Nolcha : Reflects the shining sun.
Norioghene : Look at God's judgment
Novalee : Fresh greenly pasture.
November : Came to this world in the month of November.
Nuka : The youngest and last daughter in the family.
Nunah : Property, land dwelling, land living.
Nwabueze : Child is the king
Nyesha : A Tupi word to a sweet person.
Oba : The king
Obasi : A Sikh that means a person who is very attractive or very charming.
Obiabo : Generous or Giver
Obiageli : One who is born into wealth.
Obiajulu : My heart is at peace.
Obiefune : Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope.
Obinna : Combination of Sanskrit words "Moh" and "Under" that means the charm of a King.
Obioma : The Charm of a King that wins over the hearts of others, One who can win with his charm.
Obiye : Comforter
Oboganriemu : Be strong to survive
Ochanya : Queen
Ocheckka : The one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection.
Ochejife : A person is worth more than money
Ochoyama : God's doing
Ochuko : Hindu name of deity Lord Krishna.
Oda : An assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith.
Odachi : Miracle
Odafe : Rich individual
Odaleko : There's a season for everything
Odavwaro : I am contented
Odina : Nap and impassiveness.
Oganya : Leader of women
Ogbamremu : The brave meets a lot of challenges
Ogechukwukana : The time spent worshiping God is the best.
Oghenebrume : God decided in my favor
Oghenechovwe : God aided me
Oghenefejiro : God is praiseworthy
Oghenegaren : God is great
Oghenekevwe : God gave me
Ogheneme : My God
Oghenemine : I look up to God
Oghenerukevwe : God did this for me
Ogheneruno : God has done so much
Oghenetega : God is worship worthy
Oghenochuko : God provides my support
Oghomena : Here is my respect
Oghonoro : Respect is greater than money
Ogima : God is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.
Ogodo : Mother of all mothers
Ogoro : Frog
Ogwa : Plenty or Abundance
Ohio : The feeling of extreme pleasure and satisfaction of the eyes.
Ohiyo : Lovely eyes that induce magnetism, the one with expressive eyes
Ohwahwa : Cold season
Ohwofasa : A person's status should be defined by his achievement
Ohwonigho : A person is greater than riches
Ojakorotu : This is a group challenge
Ojanomare : I have met the challenge
Ojonya : Beauty
Oka : Royal bead
Okagbare : I have all styles and skills
Okah : Princess
Okena : A horn or a pointed horn-like object
Okoro : Man
Okpara : One who is born in Okpara
Okpogoro : A big toad
Ola : wealth or high.
Oladele : Persons of success, pupil of triumph.
Olajuwon : wealth is the greatest.
Olanrewaju : Wealth is my future
Olathe : The general outward appearance of something.
Olayemi : One who is worthy of wealth.
Olencia : Blinking of an eye, very short time.
Olisa : The combination of Olivia and Elisa.
Oliver : The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.
Olivia : The one who is closer to olive tree.
Oloha : A blessing bearer
Olohi : Righteous or Good person
Olorunyomi : God has saved me
Olotuche : Faithful person
Oloture : Endurance
Oluchi : The work of god.
Oluebube : Miracle.
Olumoroti : I stand with God
Olusola : God has blessed me
Oluwabusola : God adds to my wealth.
Oluwadunmininu : God has gladden my heart.
Oluwafunbi : God gave this to me.
Oluwagbenga : God has lifted me up.
Oluwatoke : God is worthy to be adored.
Ometeko : Girl born in Lagos
Omolade : Child of the crown.
Omolara : Children are kin
Omonigho : Child is greater than money
Omonoro : Child is greater than gold
Omorinsola : The child who walks into wealth.
Omosalewa : A Child selects what home to be born into
Omosunsola : The Child moves nearer to wealth
Omotejohwo : A girl is also a human being
Omotekoro : A girl is like gold
Omotore : Girl's birth brings festivity
Omotughele : Girl from Ughelli
Omotukane : Girl born in diaspora
Onajite : This is sufficient
Onanojah : This is a challenge
Onatah : The 3rd planet form the sun where mankind live (earth)
Onawa : The great awareness or excessive attentiveness
Onochie : The one who can replace the status of father.
Onogaganmue : One who is intoxicated with power
Onoharhese : Who blames good deeds?
Onoharhigho : Who blames riches?
Onyabahi : Luxurious woman
Onyaechi : Wife of gods of the Land
Onyaomale : Wisdom
Onyeche : Nobody wants to be relegated
Onyechi : Charming wife or Wife of charms
Onyeje : Who knows tomorrow?
Onyejeche : Who knows the world
Onyemowo : Who knows tomorrow?
Onyeyibo : Beautiful child
Onyikpechi : Daughter of harmattan
Onyiloko : Woman of strong virtues
Onyocho : God's wife
Oofuni : God's grace is not gotten by force
Opa : Nocturnal bird, Owl.
Orenda : Enchanted curse or black magic.
Orisa : An angelic manifestation.
Ornice : Godly brightness, heavenly dainty.
Orodena : The great one
Osarogie : God is the king.
Oshay : the strong-willed one
Ovie : King
Ovie  : the king is here.
Oviereya : Queen
Owagoyi : Only God can give a child
Owole : Child of dest
Oxide : A compound of oxygen
Oyibonanarhoro : A white skinned individual
Oyiborhoro : He who is fair or white skinned
Oyiborode : A big and fair person
Oyinlola : Nigerian term, meaning wealth is sweet.
Oyovwikerhi : May my guardian spirit be blessed
Ozette : A name given for large and deep lake
Palam : They are idealists who are compassionate; Palm tree
Pam : One who is filled with sweetness
Pamala : A honey coated; filled with sweetness
Pamelia : A honey coated individual
Pammela : All honey; one who is sweet natured
Panan : One who is made of honey; a heroine
Peanut : A name for the ground nut legume
Pearline : A precious and humble being
Penni : A weaver; duck ;name of Bobbin
Pennie : Name given to a silent worker
Peter : One who is a rock and a stone
Phylicia : A person who has the power of communication
Quanita : American created name
Quayliah : American created name
Quineisha : Alive and well
Rach : American name meaning ewe
Raeleigha : A modern combination name
Raelyn : A modern invented name
Raelyne : Modern American name
Raelynn : A modern American invented name
Rain : Abundant blessing from above
Rainbow : A natural phenomenon, a rainbow
Randis : A Goddes of great beauty
Rashona : God's favourite
Raylee : One who looks lika and acts like a Princess
Rayleine : One who acts like a Queen
Raylyn : A combination of names that means One who wisely guards the lake
Rayowa : Life
Rea : A flowing stream of water, a brook
Redeem : A woman who has redeemed herslef
Remedy : A cure for something. A word name, remedy
Renesmee : A made up name, means a reborn and loved person
Reness : To be reborn as a butterfly
Renita : A woman full of dignity
Revonda : A woman who comes from Saxony
Reyn : One who rules, governs
Rezina : One who is like a Queen
Riley : A man who comes from the rye meadow
Rishelle : One who likes to feel rested
Risika : A gifted person
Rogelyn : A created, modern American name with no specific meaning
Rogene : A person who has a legendary spear
Rose : A beautiful flower
Roseen : A rosy girl
Rosephanye : A woman whose beauty makes her like a rose
Rumor : A feeling of falsity
Rush : An american name meaning red woman
Ruthanna : A companion of great grace
Ruthanne : A woman full of grace and friendship
Sade : Honor bestowes the crown
Saeburg : An individual who is amusing and bold
Salene : American name meaning Heaven
Sam : The child of the Sun, a bright one
Samantha : The God has heard your prayer
Samuel : It was told by the God
Samuel  : from the Hebrew term meaning the name of God or God heard.
Sani : a brilliant child
Sapele : A boy who is born in Sapele
Sarda : American invented name
Saretha : An excellence
Sasilvia : Variation of the name Silvia
Savvy : She who is smart
Saydee : Variation of Sadie meaning princess
Schantelle : One who loves to sing
Seanna : God is gracious
Somtochukwu : Praise God with me.
Sophia : She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom
Stephanie : She who to whom the crown belongs
Sunday : the day of the week
Tambara : A girl who is at ease.
Taye : he has been seen.
Tayo : Boy full of happiness
Tejumola : One who looks forward to better days.
Temidire : Mine has turned to blessings.
Timilehin : God is with you.
Tonna  : praise God or praise the father.
Tujuka : Cheerful
Uchenna  : thought of God.
Udumebraye : My presence gives them heartache
Udumelue : Crowned with honor and pride
Ugoulo : Pride of a home.
Uhwokori : The one who is born in Uhwokori
Uloaku : Nigerian term for bank or house of wealth.
Uloho : Iroko tree
Umar  : the flourishing one or the long-lived one.
Umukoko : Young woman
Umukoro : Young man
Umuto : Woman
Urhie : River
Usman  : the wise and most powerful.
Uvo : Dry or sunny season
Uzoma : One born during a journey
Victoria  : derived from the Latin word meaning 'victory '
Yahaya  : God Is gracious.
Yejide : One who looks like her mother.
Yoruba : Peace
Yusuf  : God increases.
Zainab  : fragrant flower.
Zauna : To be alive
Zikoranachidinma : Show the world that Lord is good.
Zinachidinma : Show that the Lord is good.
Zoputan : The protector